Insert JIRA Issue for Hipchat

This addon creates an input action in the HipChat user interface for inserting JIRA issues into the chat window

The action opens a dialog that provides several convenient ways for quickly finding or creating a JIRA issue.


You can install Insert JIRA Issue for HipChat by going here

Configuring the Add-on

The addon’s configuration screen is pictured below.

For the addon to work properly, you will need to add at least one JIRA server to the JIRA servers list. This is done by adding a Server Name and Server Base Url to the configuration form, then clicking the Add JIRA Server button.

  • Server Name - this field is arbitrary but it can’t be empty. This is used for identifying the server to the end user in the case of multiple JIRA servers.
  • Server Base Url - This is your JIRA server’s base url. For JIRA server’s hosted by Atlassian this is usually https://<customername>

Configuring JIRA

For the addon to communicate with JIRA you will need to create an Incoming Application Link on your JIRA server. Follow these steps.

  1. Go to <JIRA base url>/plugins/servlet/applinks/listApplicationLinks. It should take you to a screen that looks something like this
  2. In the text input field in the middle of the screen where it says “Enter the URL of the application you want to link”, enter, then click Create New Link. A dialog should appear that looks like this
  3. Ignore the warning and click Continue.
  4. Another dialog will open after you click Continue. Type “Insert Issue for HipChat” in the Application Name text box. Do not edit any other fields. Most of them should be blank. See image below for how this should look.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. At this point the Application Link will be created but you aren’t finished. Click on the edit action for the Application Link you just created. It’s the pencil icon highlighted in the screenshot below
  7. A new dialog should appear. Click on the Incoming Authentication tab in the left sidebar. It should look like this
  8. Add these values to the Incoming Authentication form
  • Consumer Key - insertissue
  • Consumer Name - Insert JIRA Issue for Hipchat
  • Public Key
  1. Click Save
  2. You’re done configuring JIRA. Yay!

Inserting JIRA Issues into HipChat

After everything is configured, you are ready to start using the add-on. To begin, go to a room where you have added the integration. You should see a plus button next to the input box close to the bottom of the chat window where you would normally enter your chat texts.

Click on the plus sign to display the “Insert JIRA Issue” action

After clicking on the action, a modal dialog will appear.

The first time a user opens the dialog, they will be prompted to authenticate with JIRA using OAuth. This redirects them to their JIRA server to give the add-on permission to view and create issues on their behalf. OAuth allows a user to log directly into JIRA without having to share their credentials with the add-on.

After a user has successfully authenticated they can use all of the features of the add-on. These include Recently Viewed issues, Search for issues, and Create New Issue.

Recently Viewed

This will display the user’s most recently viewed issues.

This allows the user to search JIRA using jql, an issue key, or plain text.

Create New Issue

This is a simple form for creating issues directly from HipChat. You can specify Project, Issue Type, Version/s, Component/s, Summary, and Description. If you have a required field that is not one of the fields, the form will not work.

Privacy Statement

The add-on does not capture or store any personally identifiable information of individual users.

The add-on does store information sent by HipChat when the add-on is originally installed. This may include basic customer information such as hipchat domain that can identify an organization.

The add-on stores JIRA server urls that may contain names that identify organizations.

All information stored by the add-on is used exclusively for uninterrupted operation of the provided services. At this time we don’t use it for performing any kind of analytics.

We will not share any information with 3rd parties unless compelled by a legal court order.

Data Security Statement

The Insert JIRA Issue for HipChat add-on proxies JIRA data from your JIRA server to a user’s web browser. All communication between a user and the add-on are done using https. All communication between the add-on and a JIRA server depend on the protocol that the JIRA server is running (http or https).

The add-on uses OAuth to communicate with JIRA so it does not access or store JIRA usernames or passwords.

The add-on stores users’ JIRA OAuth credentials in a permanent datastore in the Microsoft Azure cloud service in the US West region (For information on Microsoft Azure’s security, see the Azure Trust Center). 

Note that the OAuth credentials can be invalidated by individual users from their JIRA profile screen. Alternatively, a JIRA administrator can remove the Application Link that the add-on requires to communicate with JIRA. This would effectively invalidate all OAuth tokens used by the add-on for that JIRA server.